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Content repurposing strategy to 10x your output

If you want to build a brand or a business, you need content.

You need to be putting stuff out there in front of people that is engaging, and providing value to your audience.

But it’s not always easy coming up with an endless stream of great ideas.

Content repurposing marketing strategy

By repurposing your content you can potentially take one piece of content and transform it into five, seven, ten different items, covering multiple formats across multiple channels.

Step 1 – Record a video, or if you’re a bit camera shy, record a podcast.

Step 2 – Take a list of the basic concepts or the high-level points covered in your video/podcast.

Step 3 – Pick 1-3 quotes from what you’ve recorded.

Step 4– Take what you’ve gathered and turn your video into all manner of different content types.

Isn’t this just cutting corners?

Not really.

You have to bear in mind that not every single post that you put out will be seen by every single person that follows you.

And even more importantly, different people consume content in different formats across different platforms. Everybody has different preferences.

Person A might love short form video on LinkedIn Person B might like catchy quotes on Instagram or Facebook Person C might enjoy 30-second clips on TikTok or YouTube shorts

So with this content creation strategy, you can take one piece of content and transform it into a dozen different pieces across multiple platforms.

You’ll get your message to more people than you would if you just wrote a single post or recorded a single video, posted it, and forgot about it.

If you don’t currently repurpose your content, then consider looking back at some of your existing material. Try turning a blog post into a video or a video into a still image with a caption underneath.

You’ll be amazed by just how many great ideas you’ve actually got.

Get in touch with any questions about how you can get the most out of your content creation efforts.

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